The Samsung Galaxy S 2 is the Android phone with 4.3-inch Super AMOLED Plus display which beats for sheer power. Performance comes at a price. Here’s some tips on how you can maximise your Galaxy S 2′s battery life.

Manage screen brightness

Super AMOLED Plus display is the major source of battery drain on your Galaxy S 2, so it is obvious that we should reduce its impact. If you want some serious power-saving then just deactivate the auto-brightness feature in the Settings menu and decrease the brightness slider right down.

If you are not that agressive but you want to save some power, make sure that you download the latest Galaxy S 2 software update through Kies which helps to stabilise the auto-adjust effect and thus save you a bit of power.

Keep the backgrounds simple

You might wanna use those beautiful live wallpapers, eh? Don’t…They surely drain a lot of power, requiring constant additional level of processing oomph to display.

For power saving measure, We’d recommend you to go for a pretty plain background, and if you want to get serious about you battery power go for a dark one. Because AMOLED screens are very efficient when it comes to rendering blacks as lots of vibrant colours start to get thrown around that the strain on the battery starts to show.

Use the pre-loaded Task Manager to kill background apps

The multi-tasking ability of Android is beneficial in many ways, but its as worse as leaving the telly and lights on in the other room which is definately a unnecessary and power-hungry luxury. Go to the Galaxy S 2 Task Manager from time to time and you might be surprised at what’s still running.

You would have required a special app, like ATK, if you wished to kill such background apps, but the original Task Manager of your phone also allows you to end those resource-sapping apps. Running on the Galaxy S 2′s dual-core processor, it won’t take be long to boot them up again whenever you wish.The phone can even be configured to take care of some of this automatically through its Power Saving Mode, which can be configured to kick in when your battery drops to a certain percentage.

Limit network access

Another rather unnecessary process is how your Galaxy S connects to networks – whether through Wi-Fi or 3G. You can simply save power here by turning Wi-Fi off when not needed.You can also reduce the frequency with which your Galaxy S 2 auto-syncs to pull in your email. If you’re not waiting on anything urgent, the auto-sync could also be turned off to save some power and you can choose to manually sync whenever you feel like it.

If you only need your phone for traditional voice calls and text messages, another way of saving power could be to use 2G by selecting ‘GSM only’ in the Network mode menu. This will make your phone use 2G only rather than switching between 2G and 3G according to availability.

Charge properly

Some of you might think that there is a particular technique to plugging your Galaxy S 2 in to charge, but yes you are right. However, some attention should be paid while you charge. If you constantly keep on topping up your phone’s battery whenever you get the chance, your battery will definately stay full but seriously its not any favours to your phone.Particularly early on in the phone’s life, it will require some self training to establish its capacity. And for that you should run the power of phone completely down early on, and occasionally thereafter. Obviously this is not practical all the time, but you might wanna consider as the part of your phone maintenance and let it tire itself out from time to time.

It’s somewhat like walking a dog, really.

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3 Responses to “How to save battery life in Samsung Galaxy S2?”

  1. The SGS2 has a well known battery drain issue. Sometimes, two processes (suspend, events/0) will use up a lot of CPU and drain the battery. You will notice because the phone will get really hot and if you use a tool such as System Monitor.

    The issue is still there in the latest firmware. The only remedy is to reboot the phone but there is no telling how long it will take for the issue to arise again.

    • thank a lot to share some tips on saving battery life in Samsung Galaxy S2

    • i agree.especially when i play real football! my phoen gets so hot!
      love my samsung s2 but i really hope they fix this issue.
      i’m coming from an iphone 4 so i honestly dont wanna go back to it.


  1. Anonymous - [...] wissen wir definitiv, ob diese beiden Prozesse "Schuld" sind oder nicht (s. dazu auch ganz unten der Kommentar, ...

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