If you are looking for a factory reset in your Sensation then we have put this tutorial. Once you do the factory reset the data from the phone memory will be cleared.If you are having some sort of bug in your device and the performance is not that perfect and you are not sure what the real problem is then of course we suggest you to try a Factory Reset.

Before you move any further, we would like to notify you that the steps below will no longer keep your data. Hence make sure you backup your important stuffs before trying out the reset. One last thing : Unless you choose to format the SD card, SD card data is preserved.
Follow the instructions below to Factory Reset your device.

Option 1

You can reset by using menu selections:

Follow these steps if you do not have any problem booting your device into Android Operating System.

1. Select the settings app by tapping the slider in the home screen.

2. Then choose the SD & phone storage menu.

3. Next, Select Factory Data Reset.

4. Once you have done, Tap the Reset Phone button.

5. And finally u will see Erase Everything button. Tap the button.

In less than a few minutes your phone will complete the process.

Option 2

You can also reset by using buttons before startup.

If you are not being able to access the Android OS to perform the steps listed above because of some problems, there is an option that allows you to use button combinations before the device starts. This is ideal if you’ve installed something that has tainted the OS and won’t allow proper startup or if you’ve forgotten the screen lock password to the device.
Here is how to do it:

1. First turn off the device.You may want to remove the battery then reinsert it after a few seconds in case device did not turn off normally.

2. Then press and hold the Volume Down button on the side of your phone.

3. Now, press the Power button for turning the device on while continuing to hold down the Volume Down button.

4.Now the screen should eventually show three Android logos after you release the volume down button.

5. Select the Factory Reset option using volume down button.

6. Finally, press the Power button to choose the selection.

Congratulations ! You now have successfully performed a factory reset on your HTC Sensation.
You need to relax for a few minutes and let the process complete. Reboot the phone. Everything will be back to factory default settings.

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