It has just been over a week that Google Nexus 7 has landed European market. And it seems Google is planning to come up with next version of Nexus 7. As tech analysts are still busy writing in the European version of Asus manufactured Nexus 7, the rumor has hit the market. The rumor suggests that we may soon be getting second generation Nexus 7 and adding some more spices to the rumor, the next version of the Android tablet may feature 3G connectivity.

The Android tablet, Google Nexus 7 so, far has received positive reviews as far as the simplicity and affordability is concerned. However, Nexus 7 has highly been criticized  for its limited storage space. It is available only in two storage variants – 8 GB and 16 GB. Similarly, it also lacks cellular connectivity. So, this also makes the rumor one obviously to come true as Google certainly has to provide market with a revised device free from all these crunches.

This suggests that the rumor may be in fact truth. Meanwhile, it has also been rumored that Google and Asus have already started working on second generation Nexus 7. And as a new feature, the revised version will feature 3G connectivity. The rumor was leaked by tech moderator Paul O’Brian who owns MoDaCo ROM. And his long track record of accurate hunches are just more than enough to help yourself makeup you mind to start waiting for next generation Nexus 7.

There are no any specific data and information from the manufacturers on next generation of Nexus 7 till the date. However, it has been felt that the 3G Nexus 7 might just launch before Google’s Wi-Fi only tablet.

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